The inspiration is above; the execution is below.

I have since added river pebbles, from Ace Hardware, to the top my planter. You know, for "aesthetics."

How telling, that to have an insta-worthy houseplant, I needed to acquire a fake one.


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(Fejka Fiddle Leaf Plant courtesy of Ikea)


  1. Okaay fake plant, I see you. ;)

  2. Lol if you didn't say it, we wouldn't know. It's a pretty plant!

    1. LOL! Same!

      I have a similar plant in my room except it's real. LOL! But I'm definitely considering artificial for the hall's bath since there's no sunlight that comes in and I'm dying for some greenery in there.

    2. Okay, but how do you keep it ALIVEEE, HOW.

  3. Love a good plant! Can't wait to incorporate this idea for Spring.


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