I had the extreme pleasure of visiting MoDA with my team at work for a little creative stimuli, and this exhibit was easily one of my favorites, ever. 

Text Me: How We Live in Language, is all about written forms of communication, and how they shape our interactions, relationships, perspectives and personal identity. The show ends in a few days, which is unfortunate, because I honestly needed a few more visits to fully absorb and better appreciate these pieces (two hours was not enough!).

Here are a few of my favorites.

Each bandage reads:
It hurt what you did / but not like a wound that heals / that would be easy / much more like a scab / same as the crust on your face / repeatedly picked / again and again / with your dirty fingernail / but you can't help it / you have a disease / a mental health disorder / justification / I have fantasized / about your probable death / but addicts don't die / that would be easy / I've been lugging you baggage / too much to bare / so I'm letting go now / not because you deserve it / or because you asked / not because you changed / or I think you can get help / I still don't trust you / don't be mistaken / but I know I must forgive / forgive to move on / forgive for myself / I know it won't be easy / it hurt what you did

Museum of Design Atlanta
1315 Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA 30309