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Back before Shazam, and general access to the internet on your phone, I had to search far and wide for the songs I heard on TV shows or in movies. I would often sit through to the end of the credit reel in the movie theater, because that's where the full song listing lies - at the very end. Even then, I had to look quick, because the words scroll so quickly when you're actually looking for something!

Earlier this week, I was catching up on House of Lies (a show I thoroughly recommend), and this lovely melody started playing in the background. I was streaming from my phone and had to rewind a few times to catch the lyrics. One, quick Google search later and bam; I'm listening to Keep Lying by Donna Missal on repeat. Thank you, modern technology. 

Ms. Missal is classified as an alternative artist, but I get a blue-eyed soul vibe from her vocals. Heads up, this track is tagged as explicit content (not too racy, but don't blast it with the kiddos in the car). I'm looking forward to a full EP in the future!