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Have you heard of Rewards Survey? It's one of those companies that pay you to take surveys. Some are longer than others, and some may have absolutely nothing to do with your life, but they pay you... in magazines (love me a good magazine article, so this is right up my alley)! I currently receive Elle, EssenceRedbook, Rolling Stone, Women's Health, W, and Nylon Magaine thanks to taking these surveys, and I didn't pay a dime for any of them.

Of course, nothing in life is free, so you have to give them something, but all they ask for is your honest opinion. Each survey is worth $10-$20 in rewards points, and you can redeem them for all kinds of magazines. Some cost more points than others (Essence requires $15 in points, while The Wall Street Journal requires $50 in points), and a variety of magazine titles are always on rotation, so you can just stack your points and hold out until a magazine you really want appears as a redemption option.

I usually take the surveys when I'm standing in line somewhere, or waiting for an elevator, or just bored in general. If you're interested in a survey site that pays more than magazine subscriptions try iPoll or SwagBucks. Shoutout to all my people who love sharing their opinion.