reached out a few months ago and asked me to share some of Raven's favorite spots around town. Thanks to recent the whirlwind of life happenings (making moves both personally and professionally), I'm just now getting around to this post. 

Back in April, Ashley and I had a day date with our dogs at Brook Run Park. The plan was to drop the pups off in the dog park area, but it was a little crowded, and we're both uneasy about letting them in there with so many other dogs. Instead we chose to walk around and find a secluded section to chill and catch up. 

The afternoon was perfect! We spent so much time walking (and sitting) and talking that we lost track of time. Brook Run is full of scenic trails and picnic areas, and it's big enough to get lost a couple times like we did. 

Ashley's dog, Jake, is an adorable (and huge!) Cane Corso. He spent much of his time seeking shade under various benches.

Raven never appreciates me giving other dogs attention, so of course she had to step in the frame...

We stayed for a couple hours, and if we hadn't gotten hungry, we probably would've stayed longer. As I already mentioned, is was a gorgeous day. I literally took time to stop and smell some flowers!

We'll have to find some pet-friendly restaurants with good outdoor seating. That way we can make a full day of it next time.  

Next up is Raven's absolute favorite place to be (she might even like it better than home): Doggy Day Care.

We've been taking her to Bark and Lounge since she was about six months old. Since Raven's a rescue (full story here), I wanted to make sure she was well-socialized at an early age. Bark and Lounge has two locations in Kirkwood and in Smyrna. Both are staffed with the friendliest dog-lovers, and both locations have video cameras in the play areas so you can watch your fur babies play. All you have to do is download the app and watch from your phone.

The Smyrna location is right in our neck of the woods, so it's super convenient to home. There's also a large outdoor play area with toys galore. The Kirkwood location was great when I worked in Downtown Decatur. I'd drop Raven off before work, and by the time I got off and picked her up, she'd be completely worn out from a full day of play. Whenever we pull up to either one, she starts jumping and panting with excitement.

Finally, we have the pond in our old neighborhood.

I saved this one for last since we've just moved and will likely never visit that pond again. When I first got Raven, I used to walk her around the pond and back home, and she loved watching the geese in the area. One day while J was walking her, she got to close too their nest, and Mother Goose made some ungodly noise that scared her off. Raven made sure to keep her distance after that! But she still loved sniffing around the water and near the benches. 

Now we'll have to find another chill spot near our new home. In the meantime, she'll spend her spare time sunbathing in our backyard (not pictured).

*Edit; Thanks to for prompting this post! Check them out for Atlanta dog boarding & walking. All thoughts and opinions shared here come solely from yours truly :).