A few days ago, J called me from work and asked what I was doing, to which I replied "trying to make this house a home." I've been doing a lot of that lately, and I/we have a long way to go until our vision for this place is fulfilled. Between that, and taking care of my mom (she had surgery recently, but all is well and she will make a full recovery), I haven't picked up my camera since the day I unpacked it. In fact, I've had to consciously remind myself to take little pictures here and there, not necessarily for the blog, but just to document life, which is really why I created this space in the first place. So here are some small snapshots of life as of late.

College dorm lounge chair in the living room + a broken blind = work in progress...

Lingering boxes I haven't had the motivation to unpack...

Korean BBQ at midnight because we can - a small reminder that having kids = the end of spontaneous nights out. 

The 'Purple Drink' that all of Starbucks-loving social media is talking about: Passion Iced Tea with Coconut Milk (or Soy), Vanilla Syrup, and a scoop of Blackberries. I opted for the unsweetened version and thoroughly enjoyed it, but the Iced Green Tea Latte with Coconut Milk and 1 Pump of Peppermint Syrup will always and forever be my favorite Starbucks drank.

And here we have the dog, laying in front of the bathroom door as I do my business (pretty sure this pic was taken during a number 1, not a number 2, but she lays by the door during those as well. TMI?). She's not allowed in the bathroom because boundaries.


Feeling // Tired. Super tired. I went to bed Monday night around 9pm, and it was still kinda light outside. While I was unmaking the bed, I thought back to when I was a kid and my mom used to enforce her strict 9pm bedtime rule, all year round. It was the worst from of childhood torture during the summer. All the other kids in the neighborhood could stay outside and play until the street lights came on, and in the summer, that meant well after 9pm. NOT I. My "curfew" was 7pm, and I had to be in bed at 9pm. No excuses.Well Monday night, I willingly went to bed at 9pm, and never in my wildest childhood dreams did I think I'd be doing that by choice. Yet there I was, almost 20 years later, choosing to go to bed early. The little kid within me felt extremely disappointed.

Eating // Late July Tortilla Chips: Jalapeño Lime and Nacho Chipotle. These babies taste just like Doritos, but they're organic, and the Jalapeño Lime flavor is also vegan - great for those trying to eliminate dairy from their diet.

Drinking // Lots of seltzer water. I mistakenly had some at Tin Drum a few months back (I thought I was pouring water, but really it was soda water - I drank it anyway), and it was so much better than I remember it tasting as a kid. My mom used to love the stuff, and I'd take one sip and turn my nose up because I couldn't understand why she didn't just order a Sprite instead. And then I took that sip at Tin Drum and was like, wait, this isn't water... but it's not half bad. It's like Sprite - BUT WITHOUT THE SUGAR. The stuff is amazing and I absolutely cannot get enough. At restaurants? Club soda with lime, please? At the local dive? Club soda with lemon, please? At home? Sparkling Water with Cucumber and Mint all the live long day. It's so intensely satisfying, and it's a way for me to drink that generic daily recommended amount of water. I've always been a water lover, but the bubbles in sparkling water have successfully tricked my mind into thinking I'm drinking something way fancier. I get it, Mom. I get it.

Practicing // cooking on an electric stove. My whole life, I've only ever cooked with gas stove-tops/ovens, and this electric life is throwing by kitchen skills all the way off.

Mastering // The dog. After nearly a year and a half, she still tests my patience. For example, in the photo above where she's laying at the bathroom door, I mentioned she's not allowed in the bathroom. She still tries. She'll slowwwly put one single paw inside, while looking up at me, just to see if I'll say something! I've said this before, but she was definitely the alpha of her litter.

Learning // How to make a marriage work. I'm finally realizing this will be a life-long lesson, and I'm okay with that.

Playing // Cooking Fever. If you're a sucker for food, time management, and organization, download this game.

Finishing // Unpacking. There are a few lingering boxes in the spare bedroom.

Listening // ... to Podcasts. I used to get my morning Bible time during my commute, but I now work 10 minutes away from home, so by the time any podcast really gets through the intro, I'm already pulling up to the office. I'm have to find ways to work in a talk or two throughout the day, because they always leave me feeling so good n' full, spiritually. (My favorite podcasters include: Judah Smith, Ben Stuart, Kevin Myers, and my very on Pastor, Louie Giglio).

Contemplating // what to do on my birthday?

Lusting // Sand on my skin. The beach and I are overdue for a reunion. 

Wearing // Various different fragrances lately. I'm on the hunt for my grown woman signature scent, and it's a tough find. Do Son by Diptyque and Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint are two of my current favorites

Baking // My Kitchen Sink Oatmeal Cookies, soon... hopefully.

Wondering // what is for dinner tonight.

Loving // Tumblr, all over again.

Working // Long days this week, in preparation for an upcoming getaway.

Travelling // to good ol' Amelia Island for the 4th of July.

Planning // a real vacation, as mentioned in my New Year's resolution post.

Wanting // to furnish my loft/office space at home.