Please forgive the quality of these photos. I've been itching to post a home update of any kind, and I'm just now getting a few seconds to sneak these on to the internet, before life taps me on the shoulder, like hey, let's get back to the grind. The past couple weeks have been a blur, and now more than ever I need a vacation!

Above are a few quick snaps of our townhouse (the middle one with pops of red). It's big enough to host guests and for us to claim our separate corners as needed, but small enough for us not to feel overwhelmed by repairs and regular maintenance. It's just enough for what we need in this season of life, and that's exactly what I asked God for when we started the house hunting journey. 

I thought having a couple weeks to move out of our apartment, little by little, would be easier than moving everything in one day, but the entire process has left me exhausted. My days at work are spent dreaming about my comfy bed and fluffy pillows, but then I get off and start piling up the car with more boxes, and crates, and stuff. There's so much stuff! By most standards, I don't have much to move, but by my take-only-what-you-need standards? Lots of this stuff won't make it past Memorial Day. 

All in all, I'm super happy to finally be moving out of this apartment - it was actually one of my New Year's resolutions. I had been trying to leave for the past couple years but could never make it happen. I guess it just wasn't right until this moment (and the rent increase helped light a fire under my butt)(the new Braves Stadium is already driving up the cost of living, and it hasn't even been built yet).

Okay, that's all I've got for now. More updates soon.