I've had this photo in an empty draft since Monday afternoon, which was when I was going to write something up about something that I did that day. Only, I didn't do anything that day. My view pretty much stay the same as above for the entire afternoon. I had the day off, and I had real plans. I was going to bike a few miles on the Silver Comet Trail. I was going to sit in the park at the Marietta Square and finish reading The Rook since it's due back to the library on Monday. I was going to pull out the DSLR and just get snap happy. Instead, however, I sat in the same spot, watching Torchwood: Miracle Day on Netflix.

SO I decided to take a picture of the moment, but it didn't come out nearly as clear as I thought it did, and I was too lazy to try taking another one, so I just closed out the post and left it there to rot in my draft section. Now it's Friday, and I still don't have any real photos to show for my week, except for one...

I had the nerve to put a filter on that thing.

Okay, enough of the close-ups. If a person who blogs has a life and her or she does not document said life in photographs, did the life-having actually happen?

Age-old philosophical question.