I was about to cop out of this post by listing a brief update in bullet point format, but then I thought about how my future self probably wouldn't appreciate a little more detail when I'm looking back at this post month/years from now, so here I am typing everything out. Actually, I thought I'd go back and read more of my posts more often, but I hardly ever do. I think I get annoyed by the sound of my own voice - my writing voice. It sound all fine and dandy when I'm forming sentences, like right now, but then I'll go back and read it and be like, um no. Which is kinda sad, because ultimately I come to this space to write for me, and even though I love sharing my thoughts with any and everyone who's interested enough to read them, at the end of the day, I'm just a chick who's trynna write in this here safe space, and add a few photos to go along with the story so I can come back and be like "oh yeah, I remember that day."

But, back to the update. This past week I learned that bunless turkey burgers are not satisfying, no matter how many toppings I add, but saurkraut and chipotle mayo do hit the spot. Also, the Atlanta skyline is actually pretty dope, and out of the 20 pictures I take of said skyline, there will only be one good shot, and it might not even be a shot of the whole skyline. Also, there are white wines out there that actually taste good (Barefoot Crisp White). Also, I should never use my debit card at a redbox, because they might charge you for movies you didn't actually receive from an out-of-order kiosk. Credit cards only from now on, since it's easier to dispute a transaction when it wasn't actually withdrawn from your checking account.