I never realized how nice the sunset looks from Turner Field until Friday night. Hopefully once the Braves move to their new venue they'll have good west-facing views; it was nice getting to see the sun go down while watching these boys win against the Los Angeles Angels. Between the game that evening, a hookah bar later that night, and a late late night stop at Steak n' Shake, I didn't get home until about 4am. Then three hours later I had to get up and give my mom a ride to the airport. A few years ago, I could've stayed out all night, woken up at 7am, and gone through the whole day on a couple cups of coffee. Those days are long gone, and apparently two bottles Sweetwater Blue is more than I can handle. I'm not complaining, though. My inability to party hard will always keep me in check when it comes to my responsibilities. I can think of quite a few things to turn down for.