Ladies, picture this.

You walk into Subway around lunch time. The usual rush has died down, and there's only one person in line ahead of you - a young man who's probably on his break from the office. He glances over in your direction once or twice while he's telling the person behind the counter how to arrange his sandwich. You're not really paying much attention to anything but the food you're about to order, but you also can't help but notice when someone looks in your direction. All goes well with the sandwich buying business. The man ahead of you pays for his lunch and leaves, or so you think...

After you get finished at the register, you walk out the door to find the man has left the building, but he hasn't quite left the vicinity. As you walk past him and head towards your car, he stops you and asks where you're from. This is probably when you start to realize you're about to get hit on. You're kinda in a hurry, but you don't want to be rude to a kind stranger, so you picture yourself rolling your eyes, but you keep a straight face on the outside and tell him you're from Michigan. He says he's from new here, from Chicago and that it didn't seem like you're from the South. You nod your head, tell him he's right and jokingly suggest he must've sensed the Midwest presence when I walked through the door.

Then, since you're still in a hurry, you smile and start to walk away, but he asks for your name. So you exchange names and get to chatting for a couple minutes. At the end of your brief conversation, you realize he hasn't come at you with any of the typical flirtatious ways. He doesn't even ask for your number. Instead, he mentions he has friends coming to town this weekend but is always looking for stuff to do when nobody from home is visiting. That's when he offers you his number and still doesn't even ask for yours in return. You put it in your phone, end the conversation and walk off to you car - finally.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: did you just get hit on? Or was that a new kid on the block just trying to make friends around town?