A few things:

- When I first moved into this place, I had a the bookshelf above, sofa, a television, a desk for my work computer, a dresser and a matching cedar chest for storage. Along the way I've managed to add another bookshelf, a coffee table, a frame for my mattress, a dining room table (that $5 craigslist find I mentioned in my last post), two dining room chair (a Christmas gift from my mother) and a new sofa.

- I realized that it takes time to make your personal living space reflect who you are, and I've still got a long way to go. For now, at least I've got all the basics. Heck, it took me a couple years to even get all those basics, so who knows how long it'll be before I'm living in a place that accurately fits me and  feels like my own home.

- I was going to take before and after photos of the bookshelf, but really, it's not like that's never been done before on every design blog/magazine/tv show out there, so it's not that serious.

- I almost took the time to arrange my living room so this next photo looks nice, but again, I decided it wasn't that serious.

Ummm... that's all.