This post is dedicated to the cashier at Trader Joe's who kindly and randomly gave me a bouquet of flowers Saturday afternoon. I had just rolled out of bed, threw on a jacket and ran out the door in a hurry, so he probably thought my life was as shambled as my appearance. Whatever the case, it was a sweet gesture. It completely made my morning, so I thanked him, smiled and tried to look as appreciative as possible while rushing to the exit so I could go home, get cleaned up and get my day started. A few hours later, I drove across town to help a friend move.

You find out who your true friends are when it's time to move into a new place. You also find out how much you love a person when it's time for them to move into a new place, because moving day gets stressful. Things don't happen as quickly as you planned; things get cracked, scratched and broken; things don't fit on the truck or through certain doorways; things get left at the old place; things that should've been taken to the new place get forgotten... the list goes on. The whole experience made me happy I decided to renew the lease at my place for another year. When I finally made it to her place, she was still packing. In fact, she hadn't even started packing until late the previous night, and she also needed help painting her bedroom. *Insert blank stare here* One quick trip to Wal-Mart later for some basic painting clothes and I was ready to get busy.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, the store I avoid since there's only ever four out of 25 lanes open at any given time of day, when did they start this text-if-your-wait-is-too-long program? I AM ALL THE WAY HERE FOR IT.

But back to painting. Between myself and two other friends, plus one paint roller and multiple small paint brushes, we managed to get her bedroom painted in about three hours. Three hours for one bedroom. This is me reminding myself to budget for professionals if I ever need a room painted. This is also me calling you out, Tiff, if you're reading this. {hugs}

After tackling that task we managed to finish moving her clothes, shoes and other small pieces of furniture. By 8pm, we had settled down for some quality time around the kitchen table with homemade spinach dip, drinks and fresh-baked monkey bread.

Now it's back to the work week, and I'm determined to make it a great one.