Once upon a time in a New York City soundstage apartment, Carrie Bradshaw found an engagement ring in her boyfriend, Aiden's, duffle bag. Then she proceeded to vomit into her kitchen sink.
"The ring was not good. It was a pear-shaped diamond, with a gold band"
Aiden was my favorite male character in the history of the TV show. He helped Carrie stop smoking, he stripped her floors, he helped with her apartment-buying struggles and he was always upfront about his feelings. By every viewer's standards, he did everything right, except pick out an engagement ring.

Disclaimer: this is not a personal problem I'm having. But I recently got to talking about this subject and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to get inside a man's mind. You never know what you're gonna get digging around in there.
"Tell me. Hopefully I'll get another chance to choose the perfect one. Although I should already if she'll like the one I pick or not. Should have gotten it right the first time, but nobody is perfect." - Bachelor #1
"She better like that damn ring, especially if I payed a lot of money, lol... honestly I don't think I'd want her to tell me, especially if I took the time out to find a ring that looks good on her and makes me think of her." - Bachelor #2
"I'd be bothered. But if she can find a way to express it in a way that doesn't seem ungrateful we can see about getting her a style she wants. But if she approaches it wrong it may say to me that she is really superficial and you can still get out of this." - Bachelor #3
Can I just say, I love Bachelor #2's candor. He and I have been friends for about six years now, so I figured that was the kind of response I'd get. As for the others, it was refreshing to see that men can be so open to getting a new ring.

I have no idea how I'd handle the situation. As much as I'd want to keep my mouth shut, that ring would become a new wardrobe staple. I'd see it every time I typed a sentence, answered my phone, sat down to eat a meal and countless other times. The ring would frequently be in my line of sight throughout the day, so of course I'd want to like what I see. At the same time, I'd never want to get caught up in such a material object when I should be focussing more on what it represents.

HOWEVER, if a man is proposing to me, I assume we have enough openness and freedom within our relationship to discuss anything, including the tough stuff, so I'd hope I'd feel comfortable enough expressing my true feelings about the ring. Knowing me though, my dissatisfaction would unintentionally show all over my face as soon as he pops open that little black (or Tiffany Blue) ring box.

There's probably no way I could hide it.

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