I asked an old friend where he wanted to eat for his birthday dinner, and he suggested Chipotle. As someone who has loved Chipotle since before people even knew how to pronounce it, I almost teared up with pride. Especially since I used to have to drag him to the spot, and he'd look at me like I was Animal from the muppets every time I suggested we eat there (which was pretty often). It always warms my heart when my friends enjoy my favorite eateries, and it was kinda nice that I didn't have to fork over a hefty chunk of change for a birthday dinner.

*Tip: the dressing they give you when you order a salad is also really good on top of a burrito bowl.

My schedule has gotten much busier since the new year hit. On the days I have to go in the office, I arrive super early (6:30am) and in the early afternoon, I jet off to the second job I've recently picked up, as a nanny. I'm still getting used to that title: Chantel, Nanny.

Also, I'll finally be starting Hot Yoga classes again this weekend! I haven't been in months, so poor joints are in for a rude awakening on Saturday morning. Can't wait.

Thank you, everyone who commented on my last post. Sometimes I see this blank white space and start writing as if nobody is reading, and then I get all this wonderful insight that reminds me how freakin' awesome it can be to get another perspective on certain situations. Especially when that perspective is coming from such beautiful minds such as yourselves. Let's see if I can step my iphonography game up in the near future.

Challenge accepted.