It's one of those days when I feel like writing something but don't have any ideas flowing. I've even got a few drafts sitting in my pending section, but I just don't have the creative momentum to finish them today. So I flip through my camera roll and find the photo above. That's Sadie. She belongs to the family for which I nanny. Like myself, she's an independent spirit who loves food, and this is obviously why she's grown so attached to me in such a short amount of time. Yesterday, we whipped out a homemade remote-control race car and took it for a little spin. I assumed the role of an audience member and watched as the car zipped around the living room. Poor Sadie got so startled that she ran to my lap, pranced around on top of my thighs and nestled herself in a comfortable spot. Every time the car approached our front-row seat, her whole little body began to quiver in fear, which is ironic since she has a skull and cross bones on her doggie sweater.

So there's that.

Here's a list I got from Setarra, who got it from Tania, whose blog I also follow. I believe this is what they call the circle of blog life.

feeling// Sleepy. A Starbucks run is in my near future.

eating// hopefully some Chipotle for lunch.

drinking// Water. And seriously trying to get 64 oz. each day. The spirit is willing but the bladder is weak.

practicing// Hot Yoga, consistently. It feels so very good. Especially in these below-freezing temperatures. 

mastering// My hair. I really just shook my head as I typed that, because all I ever have the patience for lately is pulling it back in a ponytail.

learning// To use three new marketing software suites at work, which means I have lots of webinars and conference calls on my schedule.

playing// QuizUp. I proudly hold the "Best at Sex and the City in Georgia" title. Find me. Challenge Me.

finishing// this blog post...

enjoying// life.

listening// Mirrorwriting, by Jamie Woon.

contemplating// to renew my lease or not to renew my lease.

lusting// the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR FX Lens

wearing// fitted jeans and comfy sweaters or nothing at all ... Confession: I really enjoy being in the nude most of the time. -- STEALING SETARRA'S ANSWER BECAUSE THIS IS MY LIFE.

baking// Me? Baking? No. But you can find me eating the stuff that's already baked.

wondering// If yoga will be cancelled today because of the snow.

loving// my evenings.

working// 60 hours/week. 

travelling// plans must be made soon. I'm thinking Hawaii to visit my father in the fall.

planning// my trip to the grocery store on Friday. Excuse me while I make it rain.

wanting// to go home and crawl back in bed.