I'm sure everyone has that one friend for whom they'd do anything, within reasonincluding maybe breaking the law, and I've got about four of those. One of them celebrated a birthday yesterday, but we decided to live it up with a zip line thrill on Saturday morning.

My alarm went off at 6:30am, and by 6:50am I finally rolled out of bed to brush my teeth, wash my face throw on some clothes and drive around the corner to Meredith's house. She stays so close to me that I made it there by 7:05am, and then myself and three other lovely ladies rode out to Helen, Georgia for a little adrenaline rush.

The ride to the mountains was gorgeous, at least the part that I was awake for. We passed a couple wineries that had signs for offered tours and tastings, so I do indeed believe I will be back some time in the near future.

ZipNTime was offering a sweet deal on Living Social, which is how we heard about the place. They have the longest dual zip line in the state of Georgia, and by longest, I mean half a mile across the forest. Meredith and I were more than excited, but our other friends started getting a little nervous about how high we'd be flying from. Their minds started to ease when we walked in the shop and saw this.

And then some shots of Georgia Peach Moonshine happened.

I passed on the moonshine. Partially because it was 9:30am and partially because I was already pumped enough.

This is where most of the picture taking stopped, because once we stepped outside to get strapped in our harnesses, my fingers [and toes] started to go numb, and it's difficult to use an iPhone while wearing gloves. 
The experience was well worth the time and money spent. We started off small and zipped our way up to higher lines. In short, we all had an outrageously good time. Every fear anyone had subsided after that first ride, and by the end we were already planning our next trip back, preferably when it's warmer outside and our toes don't feel like they're frostbitten.

As a bonus, we went on a little safari through their nature preserve, on which we saw a Black Bear den and a baby deer. We also went inside a gold mine and saw bats. They were hanging upside down, asleep, with frost all around their bodies. I took pictures, but they look too creepy for my blog.

All in all, the adventure made my Saturday a little brighter, since I was already having a rough weekend. But that's another post for another day.