So this was pretty much the most interesting thing I did last week. Honestly, every day after New Year's Eve is one big blur. I spent my afternoons on my sofa with Netflix and comfort food, slapping myself on the wrist for not being more productive. Some time on Friday I got an email about Hawks tickets; I figured I'd take the leap and mingle with people in the real world... instead of the ones on Tumblr.

We lost, in the last second of the game, and I actually started feeling kinda bitter. The Hawks lose every time I come to a game home game, except for when they're playing the Detroit Pistons, in which case they decide to wipe the floor with my home team. I take it personal.

In other news, I finally did laundry, after over a month and half of stuffing more jeans into an already full laundry basket. It feels good to no longer dig in the back of my closet for clean clothes. I even went for a run while they were in the dryer and had my first protein shake of the year. They're even better than I remember!

I'm rambling.

So here I am on Monday afternoon, muscles properly worked and fueled, ready to get back into the swing of things. No resolutions for me, but we're not even a week into 2014 and things are already changing in my world - for the better.