Okay, this should be the last brewery tour post for a while, buuuut... i'm not making any promises. Truth be told, J and I visited this spot a over labor day weekend, but I waited to post about it because there were so many brew posts popping up back to back on here! Craft brewing was definitely one of our themes for summer sixteen, and I ain't mad about it.

Second Self Beer Company is fairly new in town, and it was started by two friends who worked the corporate world by day. Their second selves loved making craft brews on the side. and so, the company was born.

We learned that bit on the tour of the facility (we always take the tour of the facility - super educational!) which was huge. We also saw how some of their brews are aged in oak barrels. Definitely different for a brewing company.

In general, of all the breweries we've visited this year, their flavors were the most fun to try. The Margarita + Goose is a beer that tastes just like a margarita; it was my favorite. The Paloma Brew similarly tasted just like the cocktail, and it was fun to experience how they infused classic drink flavors into the beer.

What I liked about this brewery:

  • The selections on draft are unique (seriously, every sip of that Margarita + Goose was perfect), and some are barrel-aged.
  • The wooden chips serve as your tasting tickets (photo above). I kept a couple of mine for souvenirs.
  • The location was convenient to both home and downtown ATL

What I disliked about this brewery:

  • The inside tasting area was huge. I prefer the smaller, hometown brewery feel found in smaller spaces; it's more cozy and intimate.
  • They don't have snacks available. Some breweries give you pretzels, popcorn, nuts, etc to munch on while you taste; Second Self had a food truck outside, but if you just want something to nibble on you'd have to bring your own.

Second Self Beer Company
1317 Logan Cir NW

Atlanta, GA 30318