There's this feeling I get when I want to write a post, but I don't really have anything to write about, and I can't quite explain what the feeling feels like, but it's quite compelling.

So today, may I present to you my first PSL of the season (above), which I thoroughly enjoyed about two weeks ago, and for which I have have been coughing over $6.20, multiple times a week, shamelessly (darn that coconut milk upcharge).

Home update: it's coming along! Photographic proof soon come.

Also, we need a new roof (a renovation we were prepared for when we bought the house), and the plan is to get that taken care of early next month. The plan is also to pay for it in cash, not credit, so the $6.20 morning drinks probably aren't the smartest idea right now, but I've been a frugal bugle all year in anticipation for down payments, inspection costs, closing costs, new flooring, furnishings, decor, etc.

Sometimes ya gotta let loose and treat yourself to an overpriced and arguably mediocre latte.

Life update: I went and saw a naturopath/holistic practitioner recently, in hopes of starting birth control using only Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs for short). I've got a whole post about the subject jumbled in my head, so hopefully soon I'll sit down and write it out. The (potential) post would also include details about my journey going off the pill, and how hormones can feel like these nasty little demons that take over your life if you don't keep them balanced and in check. Also: supplements. LOTS of supplements.

Music update: I may be in the minority here, but Frank Ocean's newest album just doesn't do it for me. The only thing it did is throw me back into the arms of Channel Orange. I've had it on repeat lately, and after about an hour of searching the internet, I've discovered an official vinyl copy was never released by the record label, and the only way to get my hands on one is if I buy a bootleg pressing - which I'm seriously considering.

Food update: Still eating all the tacos. Still playing around in the kitchen. Still learning how to master my meals using an electric stovetop (I could write an ode to the gas ovens of the world). Still failing to documents these details in photos.

Love update: Not pregnant. Not trying (see life update above). Not thinking about trying.

Atlanta update: I skipped out on pretty much all the summer happenings around town in favor for craft brewery tours and brunching in/near my own neighborhood, and I'm okay with that. The Atlanta heat is a party pooper. I only had two nights out on the town with my long-time friend Mei-Li when she came to visit from Cali, and we had so much fun catching up that there was no time for photos.

And the above is what happens when I feel like I have nothing to write about so I just sit down and let my fingers take over: multiple paragraphs of updates to cover all my blog categories.

Oh! Also, alsoooo.... I've updated the layout here! Full fall refresher comin' at ya!