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I debated on whether or not I should even write this post, because podcasts are definitely in right now, and there are so many "favorite podcasts" posts out there already. However, none of those lists include any of my favorites, so I thought I'd share anyway.

I jumped on the Podcast train a couple years ago, when I missed church one Sunday and wanted to listen to the message. It was so convenient to hop in the car and get caught up on my way to work, so I started listening to my church's archives and honestly felt some kinda way when I had listened to them all (I'm talking a couple years worth of Sunday messages, btw. That's a lot of podcast episodes)! So I did some digging to see if any of my other favorite speakers had similar podcasts, and sure enough, they did/do. My morning commute got way better once I started listening to these:

  1. The City Church - talks are given by Judah Smith, whom I believe rose to "fame" recently for being Justin Bieber's pastor? Don't let that tidbit deter you though. He breaks down scriptures, ideas, and theories in funny and super relatable ways.
  2. Breakaway - most talks are given by Ben Stuart (admittedly I skip past the others on this series). The first time I heard Ben Stuart speak was on a Sunday morning at Passion City. It was my first time visiting the church, and since nobody formally introduced him, I assumed he was the pastor. He's wasn't. But I came back the following Sunday because his message was so good. He has a way of speaking that hits you in the gut, in a good way, if that makes any sense. His talks on dating are still some of my favorites to this day. He's no longer with Breakaway, but his episodes are archived for new listeners.
  3. Passion City Church (PCC) - talks are given by Louie Giglio, and now Ben Stuart. Of course I had to throw this one in there (my church). Remember how I said I was initially disappointed to find out Ben Stuart wasn't the Pastor at PCC? (of course you remember, I just said it in the paragraph above) Well, he recently joined the team, which makes me a happy camper! 
  4. Free Sex Podcast - talks are given by Candice and Katie, two ladies who love talking about Jesus, sex, and marriage. This one might sound like a curveball, but sometimes you don't want to hear about the Good Samaritan when you're stuck in traffic. Sometimes you want to hear about topics that are more in-your-face, and let's be honest, we live in a sexed up culture; sex is always in our face whether we want it there or not (especially if you have a Tumblr account) (I once saw peen pics in the #Guacamole tag - why?!) These podcasts are really fun to listen to, and they're not profane or vulgar, but they still manage to be honest and raw. 
  5. Beyond the To-Do List - discussions are led by Erik Fisher. This one goes out to all the list makers and agenda keepers out there. I get such sweet satisfaction from checking items off my to-do list because I love me some productivity, and that's what these episodes are all about: how to maximize your time, and ultimately, your life. 

And here we have my top 5 (podcasts... that was a great movie though). When I was commuting 30+ minutes each way, every Monday through Friday, and sometimes Saturdays, Podcasts were my saving grace. Traffic is much less frustrating when you have a positive distraction. Now that I work about 10 minutes away from home, I have to actively look for times to listen like when I'm out walking the dog or cleaning the house, but I still weave them into my routine somewhere.

*Also, an honorable mention goes to Coffee with Chris Caine for awesome talks on topics like feeling stuck and uncomfortable life transitions, but unfortunately she hasn't updated in almost a year.