Setarra and I are friends in real life in my head (there are a few of you out there, btw, and you may not even know it), and she recently tagged me in her 'Girl Behind the Blog' post. Now it's my turn.

*Rubs hands together*

1. When I was a kid, I got knocked in the head with a gallon-sized bottle of water. I had to get stitches in my right eyebrow, and those hairs no longer grow in properly. It's a very noticeable scar, but I've been filling it in with a brow liner since I was about 14 years old - so much so that I feel weird going out in public without it. Some of my closest friends have still never seen the actual scar.

2. I only speak to my father on holidays and birthdays. This year, however, I didn't hear from him until the day after my birthday, and when I called him on Father's Day, he didn't return my voicemail until the next day - via text message.


3. Speaking of men, I've been told on multiple occasions, by multiple different people, that I "act like a dude."

4. On the other hand, I remind myself of my womanhood at least once a month - by crying. But that crying is usually triggered by that other thing that shows up every month, causing me to get emotional over the stupidest stuff. For example, I did not cry over point number two listed above, but I have cried over the fact that I ruined my mascara.

5. I hate online shopping. When I buy something retail-related, I want it in my possession immediately. Recently I found a pair of boots on H& and had to have them. Three different H&Ms around Atlanta later, it was clear they were only available from the website. It took seven freakin' days for the boots to arrive at my doorstep. The payment posted to my account in three days, but I didn't get my boots until four days later. I hate it. Also, I'm an avid try-before-you-buy shopper, so it's always a problem if I can't see how it looks on my actual body.

6. I am a planner. Almost every detail of my day is mapped out a week in advance in my date book. Sometimes I stray from the schedule, but the fact that the schedule exists gives me peace of mind.

7. My social media platform of choice (besides the blog, of course) is Tumblr.


And now to pay it forward, I'm tagging these wonderful people to share 7 facts about themselves.

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