I don't even know where to begin with the commentary for this post. You creative types out there speak to my soul in some beautiful ways. I appreciate that, and I appreciated this past weekend's Chalkfest in the Marietta Square. When I first heard it on the radio, it just sounded like an event for the kids to come and draw and play around on the sidewalks. I was wrong. I was VERY wrong.

[heads up: this post has lots of photos]

As stated on the website, it's a festival that features professional contracted artists creating large scale chalk art on the streets of Marietta Square. The artists were amazing. Each one took a picture of a character and brought it to life in the middle of the street using nothing but chalk. Every drawing has such depth and detail, and I was blown away by variety of displays (these photos don't do them justice), including but not limited to Dracula, Maleficent, Ghost Rider, Benjamin Franklin as a zombie, The Headless Horseman, Igor from Young Frankenstein, Superman and the Bride of Frankenstein.

After weaving in and out of the different artists' stations, we took some time to check out the different scarecrows on display in the square.

Anyone who wanted to pay a small fee could snag a small square on one of the side streets and create some art of their own.The site called it a "public non-professional juried chalk competition for all ages." There were some impressive pieces here, too.

After more walking around, and some lunch, and some ice cream, it was time to walk through and see how far the drawings had come in the past couple of hours....

The event closed down at dusk and picked back up the next day (Sunday). I would've loved to get back out there for finished products, but I had a list of other things to do that day, so I checked out the #Chalkfest tag on Instagram instead.

I will be back next year.