And the Marietta Square photos just keep coming.

No afternoon out to eat is complete without a sweet treat. Sarah Jean's is my go-to ice cream spot, but Sweet Treats looked so open and inviting that day, and it was on the way to the Museum of Art (a post that's currently sitting in my drafts).

What I liked about Sweet Treats is that you can mix pretty much any kind of candy you want into the ice cream. The man on the mixing machine worked so quickly that I could hardly get a clear picture of the process.

This is cookies and cream with brownie bits mixed in. It was good. My skin paid for the dairy later, but it was about 85% worth it, so there.

The store is about two doors down from the corner Antiques Store. I'm trying to move soon, so the last thing I need right now is more stuff, but I'll get back there soon.