This is the part of the program where I'm supposed to upload photos of all the holiday fun I just had. Except I hardly took any pictures. My camera stayed tucked away in my overnight bad all weekend, and I did this crazy thing where I actually enjoyed the moments spent with my family instead of trying to document everything. The two photos above are from the ride into/out of Nashville, a place of which I've taken plenty pictures... so I don't really need more. My mom and I rode into town on Friday afternoon, stopped by my favorite spot for their fried pickles [shoutout to Wildhorse Saloon], grabbed some hot chocolate and proceeded to walk around downtown. Once the sun started to set, we headed to my brother's spot and hibernated with movies and popcorn for the next two days. It was a nice, low-key weekend, but now I wish I would've at least had some unsuspecting stranger at the grocery store snap a family photo. Ah well, there's always next time.

On another note, December is here, and this is when I usually start seeing "next year will be my year" tweets and posts. Can I just make every year my year? After taking a look at my new year's resolutions from January [yeah, I made some], I realize why so many people don't even waste time writing a list. The only one I kept was my decision to write more often, which is good, I suppose, but there were many more bullet points that fell into oblivion. Like how I was supposed to start playing my guitar again and be ready to go caroling this holiday season. yeah, caroling. I was also supposed to have visible abs.

*Biggie Smalls voice* it was all a dream.

On yet another note, I'm still in shock about Paul Walker's passing. Those eyes, that smile. Sweet God, you showed your craftsmanship with that one. It's such an shame that he left this earth the way he did. My friend called me late Saturday afternoon when it was just a rumor, and the second he said "Have you heard anything about Paul Walker dying?" my heart dropped a little bit. It was like I actually knew him. About an hour later, every social media outlet was flooded with updates, and his Instagram follow count tripled. Did I mention how fine he was? The crazy thing is, they were just around the corner from my subdivision filming the next movie in the Fast series, now what? You can't replace Paul Walker after 6 movies. You. can't. That's one moment from this past weekend that I really do wish was a dream.

Rest in love, Paul.