Christmas Eve was supposed to be spent doing laundry. My hamper is still full. It didn't happen. Who knows when it will. Thankfully I got to sleep in and lounge around all morning before heading over to my mom's place. To my surprise, she wasn't there when I showed up, so I sat around in front of the space heater with my iced coffee, watched a couple movies and waited for her to show up. By the time she arrived, it was almost time for me to head to church for the Christmas Eve gathering (read: service), so we talked for a few minutes and I dipped off into the sunset. Passion City was completely packed (people lined up outside waiting for the doors to open), and I ended up watching the message from the lobby with the other doorholders (read: volunteers).

Later that evening, Meredith came over for our gift exchange, and we spent the rest of the night talking, sipping wine, eating pizza and catching up in general. Christmas morning was supposed to be spent sleeping in, again, but the Merry Christmas calls came rolling in around 8am so I dragged myself out of bed and made my way to the couch. It's been a LAZY few days, and my eating habits aren't exactly contributing to my overall health, so a cleanse of some sort is definitely in the works for the new year. Nothing extreme. I don't have the patience to juice all day, but it's time to get my sweet tooth in check.

Anywho, around 8am, I dragged myself out of bed, heated up some leftovers from the day before, found a few good movies to watch and plopped a spot on my couch (insert selfie here above). Moms cooked dinner so I went back over to her place for our gift exchange and more quality time. Yadda yadda yadda, long story short, it's been an uneventfully festive few days, but nonetheless, I'm still grateful for them. I'm also grateful for the turkey burger that got in my belly for lunch today. Dear God, thank you for blessing me with the mouth to devour the aforementioned turkey burger, and thank you for the girl in the back who so diligently prepared the aforementioned turkey burger. It hit all my hunger spots. Amen.