It seems like every other week I'm on the search for a different type of food to satisfy an intense craving.  A while back, I wrote about my hunt for a well-blended açaí bowl, and I once drove 30 minutes out of the way (on my lunch break) for the perfect chili dog. This is where I start shaking my head and feeling sorry for my future husband when it comes time to deal with my pregnancy cravings. If they're even the least bit worse than my regular cravings, that man's got his work cut out for him.

Lately I've been wanting a good bowl of Pho, a dish I've never had and wasn't even sure how to pronounce. To my delight, Scoutmob was offering a special at a spot down the street from my office building, so there was no need for me to drive around town (but I would've, if I had to). As soon as lunchtime hit, I grabbed my jacket and made my merry little way to Com Dunwoody Vietnamese Grill, and that bowl of Pho hit every spot I could've asked it to hit. Oh, and according to my server, it's pronounced "Fuh". They didn't honor my Scoutmob discount because I opted for the lunch special, and it was already heavily discounted - and worth every penny. Served with a side of Spring Rolls, my meal had me feeling satisfied AND healthy, so I ran around the corner for a treat to tickle my sweet tooth.