This past Friday night, I went out to dinner with a few friends.
Good food & drinks were consumed, and our conversation was all over the place.
At one point, we started discussing the TV show Nashville, and that's where things got interesting.
All it took was someone saying "let's go to Nashville," and I was looking up hotels for the next night.
That following morning, we gassed up the car and headed up I-75 North to Tennessee.

We all needed a little getaway, and even if it was for one night, I wanted to blow off some steam.
Nashville is only a 4 hour ride away from Atlanta, so after winding through the mountains for a bit we arrived at our destination.

We parked the car, hopped out and started walking around downtown.

The first stop was for food, at the Wildhorse Saloon - my favorite restaurant in the city, thanks to their sinfully delicious fried pickles.

Horses on the ceiling!

Apple BLT

(Bangin') Fried Pickles
The girls got a little flirty...

Afterwards, in true womanly fashion, we headed out to a few nearby shops... and did more walking.

The AT&T Building - A.K.A. The Batman Building

Next we found a hotel, freshened up and headed back out to own the night.
We owned it.

Meredith was in charge of taking pictures while I was on the bull (yes, I rode the bull), but my dear sister took a video instead. Since my phone won't let me grab a photo from that video, this post must live on without one.
We danced, we shouted, we mingled with strangers and we hopped from one venue to the next.
Note to self: as long as you live in Atlanta, go to Nashville at least once a year.


  1. My oh my, it looked like you all had a fun time in Nashville. I had no idea that it even looked like that from the photos - I was thinking more of a country type look with older buildings etc etc. That's what happens if you watch too much TV I guess. Fried pickles is new to me as never heard of it, but they look real tasty, and how I love cowboy boots. If I ever return to Atlanta, then Nashville must be on my list, thanks to you :)

  2. I had never tried fried pickles until my first visit to Nashville. They're like heaven in your mouth.


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