I had the chance to attend a Creative Mornings Atlanta session last week and loved every single minute. The guest speaker, Joey Reiman, gave a great talk, making it the perfect way to kickstart my Good Friday.

I believe in the importance of quality consumption and mental pauses as a creative. We are so often expected to produce, create and deliver consistently and supremely, but that is not possible without moments of cognitive rest and rejuvenation. This can happen by way of a binge watching session, reading a book, going out to eat with friends, playing video games, going to lectures... et cetera. I need to recharge quite regularly, which is probably why I spent most of January watching Living Single, and why I felt so moved by my recent trip to MoDA, and why I am itching to travel somewhere.

Hustle hard, yes, but remember to rest hard, too.

Creative Mornings happens monthly in cities all over the world. Attendance is free but does require an RSVP. Space fills up quickly, so make sure to subscribe to their local newsletters for updates.


  1. Thanks for sharing this - I just signed up the DC newsletter to be alerted when they have events in the city :) And hear hear to resting hard! Have a great weekend Disa! xo

  2. Girl you better preach! I signed up for the Atlanta newsletter. I had no idea that this was a thing but it sounds so rejuvenating and inspiring. Thanks for sharing <3

    1. yay! maybe you can meet me at the next one.


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