I took many, many photos this month, starting with the blurry self portrait above.

The #100DayProject is well underway, and I underestimated how easy it would be to remember to snap at least one photo each day. Not every day has photo-worthy moments, and even though I've been good about always having a camera with me, I don't always feel like taking a picture. Still I've committed, and I'm not a quitter, so I've been pushing myself to just do it anyway.

Days Not Pictured Above:

+ April 5-8 - all these days were wrapped up in photos from my latest Amelia Island post. plenty of snaps were taken those days.
+ April 9th - crusty, unpublished selfies (like, shark-week-crusty)
+ April 12 - posted on Instagram
+ April 14 - took photos for the Helen, Ga blog post
+ April 18 - took photos for the Taco Cantina blog post
+ April 20 - missed day
+ April 21 - posted on Instagram + grabbed my film camera this day
+ April 22 - more crusty, unpublished selfies
+ April 25 - took photos for the Books for Africa blog post
+ April 26 - took photos for the blue jeans blog post
+ April 27 - posted on Instagram
+ April 28 - grabbed my film camera this day
+ April 29 - posted on Tumblr
+ April 30 - (will be) posted on Tumblr

Moving forward, I'll be posting the snaps on my Tumblr (and maybe still Insta every now and then), because it's easier to post right away instead of saving them for a monthly roundup.

Things I Did This Month:

Shopped! I hadn't been shopping for clothes since the Black Friday/Cyber Week frenzy, and even then, I only bought a few sweaters. Every time we go shopping lately, J finds all the things he likes and stuff that fits him well, and I turn up with nothing. This month was the opposite, and I still have the urge to visit my favorite thrift stores because clearly I need to strike while the iron's hot.

Consigned! Since I have all these new clothes coming into my closet, I had to get rid of some. Between Depop, Poshmark, Mercari and a couple local consignment shops, I've made quite a few sales. I've also been to my local post office of FedEx drop off point more times than I can count.

Climbed! Rocks (indoor rocks)! My muscles are super sore as I type this right now. On the days I leave the climbing gym, my arms feel like noodles. It hurts to even open the car door or start the ignition, but it's so much fun and definitely a way to mix up my normal gym workouts.

Self-Portrait Struggles! Every other blogger makes these look so easy, but the best snap I got from my first session was the very first photo posted above. How to get the tripod set perfectly? How to get the focus point perfectly? How do I pose? What do I do with my hands?! Why must the sun be so finicky about my lighting situation?!!

And that's about it.