If there is one food I'm picky about, it's tacos. My street tacos must be authentic, on a classic corn tortilla and loaded with onion and cilantro. All those extra ingredients are unnecessary, and the more expensive they get, the less I usually enjoy them. 

My favorite taco spots are hole-in-the-wall establishments. They don't have an online presence, and the whole meal usually costs around $5 - better than any value meal at any fast food restaurant. So when Taco Cantina popped up in Smyrna a few years ago, complete with a sleek and shiny doorfront and a snazzy website, I was in no rush to visit. 

But then I finally did, for lunch, with a coworker.

Naked ^^

Dressed ^^

As expected, it wasn't better than my beloved Taco T, or any of my other favorites around town, but it was still good. The carne asada was seasoned perfectly, and the decor was very much on-trend for the cuisine.

Taco Cantina
2517 Spring Rd SE #101
Smyrna, GA 30080