I recently showed an Elle Luna piece in this post from my visit to MoDA. She created the "Should and Must" sketch (her explanatory essay can be found here), and I loved it so much that I had to follow her on Instagram, naturally. It seems I joined her following at the right time, because every year she co-hosts The 100 Day Project, and it begins tomorrow, April 3.

What I love about this creative challenge is that I can make my own rules; they can be as fluid or as rigid as I want. My plan is to keep it simple. I will make an effort to take at least one photo, every day, until July 11. That photo can come from any camera, including my phone, and it does not have to be of something fancy or special. Actually, the more mundane the better - still sticking to my #MoreRealLifeMoments mantra over here.

Ideally, my monthly recaps will have way more photos than usual, and I will not pressure myself to make everything look editorial-worthy and perfectly curated. Hashtag less is more. Hashtag keep it simple. Hashtag whoop, there it is.

Anyone else out there planning to join the challenge? Let me know so I can follow along!

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