I went to a foodie event and didn't take any pictures.

April 27, 2015

This past weekend was a busy one, but it was good. Between training classes with the pup, a book club meeting, a wedding, the usual Sunday gathering at Passion and the Taste of Marietta and cleaning my place, I was on the go all day Saturday & Sunday. Howwwwever... I have very little photographic proof. I can hardly believe I went to a foodie event and didn't take any pictures, but I was too busy trying to meet up with all my friends, who were all coming from different parts of town (with their own set of friends and family), and trying to find the best foods to try, and then trying to maneuver through the crowds to find somewhere for all of us to sit. It was chaotic, but it was worth it. The taste of Smyrna is coming later this year, so I'll definitely get some post-worthy photos then.

Us >.

April 22, 2015

This past weekend, Passion held a conference for all the fine people who serve on different volunteer teams each Sunday. I'm on a small but mighty team that usually only needs me once or twice a month, so it was nice seeing everyone come together at the same time for the same purpose. I'm always blown away by the design aspect of any event hosted by Passion. It's always unique to the occasion and cool enough to make me feel like I need to take some pictures. So, naturally, I took some pictures.


April 20, 2015

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There seems to be this new trend (or maybe it's not new, maybe I'm just behind the times) that people have regarding goals. Life goals, relationship goals, career goals, motherhood goals, etc have all been on people's minds, but now they're being verbalized. At the very least, they're being typed out. I can't be the only one who notices that at least one person writes "#goals" under a cute couple's lovey-dovey photo (even if they've only been together a couple weeks, even if it's a celebrity couple that has broken up multiple times already, even... let me stop). I'm seeing it more and more lately: #EyebrowGoals #MakeupGoals #ShoeGoals #InteriorDesignGoals. 
I have mixed feelings on them. I'm all for people sharing goals. I myself shared list of goals I want to have accomplished by the time I'm 30, and I really am working towards them. In fact, I've already crossed a couple off the list (feel free to skip the rest of this paragraph btw): I ran the 5K, I learned how to change my oil, I regularly practice my forearm stand in yoga (the main building block for that darn Scorpion pose), I now own a puppy, I went ziplining for a friend's birthday, I'm a solid 3 pages into my debut book (ha), I went in to get the ear piercings this past St. Patrick's Day, but the shop was out of starter studs, and they suggested I buy my own since it's cheaper anyway. I've since been to two different Wal-Marts looking for starter studs, and both trips left me wondering why I even tried to deal with Wal-Mart. I carved a pumpkin with Tierra this past Halloween, and I might alter that "host a party" goal so that hosting a book club meeting is sufficient. 
TL;DR - I'm accomplishing some goals over here. Hollaaaa!

Netflix Titles That Pleasantly Surprise (Vol. 1)

April 8, 2015

Anyone out there remember when Netflix focused on the DVD-by-mail subscription service? Once upon a time in a college Media Studies class, I wrote a paper about how Netflix (and possibly Redbox) was taking over the movie rental world. This was when Blockbuster Video could still be found in every neighborhood. Now Blockbuster is an ancient relic of yesteryear, and Netflix treats their mail service like the red-headed stepchild. Redheads are downright underrated, by the way. Also, does anyone even use the mail service these days? There's really no point. The streaming services now offers an extensive variety of movies to choose from, including some fairly new and big-name releases. 

Big-budget films are cool and all, but I always love a true lesser-known diamond in the rough. With all the indie options out there, it's difficult to pick a good one for those cozy date nights on the sofa. That's why I'm sharing a list of titles that I really, really, really enjoyed. As far as my tastes go, I prefer love the suspense/thriller genre, and I'm also a sucker for good character development and introspection. If you that sounds right up your alley, then you might like these options (in no particular order)(all are new(er) titles):

In case anyone's interested.

April 4, 2015

(obligatory pup photo)
This morning, while out killing some time with Raven, I saw a sign for office space. 4,000+ square feet is available for lease in Buckhead, behind Trader Joe's, in case anyone's interested. I thought... I should definitely do that. I should rent out some space, buckle down and get to working on all these creative projects spinning around in my head, that I haven't been able to get done in the comfort of my own home. It was a nice thought, but it's not in my realm of possibility right now, and I don't have some profound revelation to share about this, so I guess I'll leave that there.

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