For someone who takes so many photos with her phone, I'm a terrible instagram-er. My heart's not in it like it used to be. The memes, quotes, selfies and videos have taken over, and the stuff I like to post just don't seem to fit the mold anymore. Ah, well. That's why I have this space. To have and to hold as long as my camera shall live.

  • Rainy days always deepen my appreciation for the sunny ones.
  • Wedding season 2015 is neigh.
  • Chipotle is no longer worth the 30+ minute in-line wait times anymore. Doesn't taste the same these days.
  • Waffle House must've stolen the Chipotle juju, because it's been hitting the spot lately.
  • When I'm finally ready to buy that vintage camera that's been on my wishlist, it'll likely come from my favorite antique store in the Marietta Square.

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  1. see...what I had to do with IG when it started to become meme/selfie central (although I can appreciate a good selfie here and there), is do a clean up. As of now, I only follow people who I find intriguing, because to me, it wasn't created as a comedy-look-at-me-pose-the-same-way-i-did-yesterday app. So i feel like if you're not posting actual photos, you're wasting space and i'm not obligated to follow people, just because i know them. All that to say, there are still those of us that really appreciate aesthetics and photography. : )

    YUMMM to all your foodie pictures. I haven't had a nice margarita in a while.
    I need to visit this store man! Although I still think $20 is a bit ridiculous for a vinyl, but that's only because i remember when the "hole in the wall" record stores charged no more that $5 for them, especially if they were used. But anyway, I still would love to visit the shop one of these days.

    Okay enough of my late night/early morning rambling...



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