I had some time to kill the other afternoon, and since I was in the area and the weather was right, I stopped by the antique shop in the Marietta square. It's got one of those small hometown-y store fronts that's just beaming with character. Typewriters and vintage cameras sit in the windows looking all classy and rustic, luring fine folks like myself through the front door. It smells like you'd expect an antique store to smell - like century old wood furniture polish. 

Way in the back sits the record shop. On my first visit I expected to find collectors edition albums going for upwards of $100, but I was (pleasantly) surprised to see such a wide variety of old and new music for sale. This is probably the case for most record stores these days, but I haven't been in enough of them to know for sure.

At about $25 a piece, a vinyl copy of your favorite album costs a little more than a CD, but that sweet sound of a record playing is worth it, right? I'll go ahead an put a record player on my to-buy list for when I have enough space for one. It'd fit perfectly in my future home office.

Okay, more pictures now.

They even have 8 tracks!