I got a text message from a friend about a concert at the Basement on a random weekday evening. It's all the way on the other side of town for me, near Grant Park. The part of me that lies to myself and says I'll try to be in bed by 11pm said no, but the part of me that keeps it real about my night owl tendencies said 'heck yeah!' So, I went. 

The headliners were Swoope and Christon Gray, a duo I had seen once before a couple years back. The opening acts were Natalie Lauren, Alex Faith and B. Reith (my personal favorite - love me some blue-eyed soul). All in all, the show was solid. My photos, however, were not. When you're short, and standing in a semi-crowded and intimate venue, it's tough to see all the action, let alone document it. I did my best, but I mainly just snapped a few pictures and proceeded to enjoy the music sans camera. 

I will say though, it was interesting to see how many people were too busy taking a video recording of each set with their phone, instead of actually listening to and enjoying the moments. Honestly, if I were to record two or three live songs on my phone, I doubt I'd even go back and watch it more than once. I probably wouldn't even watch it once! What's the point? The video quality couldn't come close to experiencing the music with your own two eyes and ears, and showing it so someone else doesn't have the same effect as taking someone else to the show with you. Does it? Why do so many people go to concerts these days and hold their phones up to record the whole time? Am I missing something?