I finally found my way to Holeman & Finch. After years (literally) of hearing about it, seeing raving reviews and trying to get there during that golden 10pm burger hour, I finally got my chance. It used to be the case that their signature burger was only available after 10pm. Once 10pm hit, the restaurant would only produce 24 burgers, and once all 24 had been ordered, that was it. No more burgers for the evening. It's always available on the Sunday brunch menu, but their Sunday brunch ends at 2pm, and personally, I don't have a taste for a burger during breakfast/brunch. They've recently put the burger on the menu full time, but they still take their time crafting the little masterpieces so everyone can enjoy the goodness. 
The burger was everything I could have asked for and more. Between the house-made buns are a patty, a layer of cheese, another patty, another layer of cheese, topped with onions and pickles, and a side of mustard and house-made ketchup. I ordered mine without cheese, but I took a bite of my date's, and the cheese really does make a difference. Still, even without that gooey layer, it's tied with Umami for the best burger I've ever had. It knocked Shake Shake down a position on my list, and that's saying something serious.

Also, the caramel bacon popcorn was... just... let's throw in this gif again.

I left that place with the biggest food baby I've had in a long time, but it was well worth it. I'll definitely be putting Holeman & Finch on my list of favorite places to eat in Atlanta.

The atmosphere is nice and low-key as well. If you're in/near the Buckhead area looking for a solid burger, this is thee spot.