My musical moods change with the weather. One day I'm blasting Red Hot Chili Peppers all through my work day, the next day I'm vibing out to Anthony Hamilton, and the next day I'm stuck on Hillsong's inspiration station. Lately, however, I've been on a blue-eyed soul kick, specifically that of the British variety. What is it about British pop that makes it so much more noteworthy than American popular music? The lyrics, maybe? I've lost count of how many songs out today have "na na" or "la la" somewhere in the hook, repeated over and over again. Is that the best these songwriters have got lately? Those aren't even real words...

I'm over it. I've been hopping across the pond for some melodic refreshment, and mannnnn have I been feeling every ounce these ladies pour into their tracks. Duffy is giving me the strength leave my husband with Warwick Avenue, and I'm not even married! Her Rockferry album came out my freshman year of college, and I remember how the song Stepping Stone made me realize the reality of my romantic situation (and that thugs need hugs, too). She's been laying low since her sophmore album, Endlessly, but I'll be waiting patiently until she returns.

Amy Winehouse has also been in heavy rotation; she was gone way too soon, and I'm sitting over here wanting more. MORE! Valerie (Live) and Me & Mr. Jones have been on replay the past couple days, and Take the box is one of those songs I wish I had written.
Mr False Pretence / you don't make sense / I just don't know you
But you make me cry / where's my kiss goodbye?
I think I love you 

The way she managed to wrap the mixed emotions we all feel so accurately in a matter of four lines? Ugh. It's a track that gets better and better each time it starts over again. I couldn't find the original on Soundcloud, or else I definitely would've posted it, but I did manage to find a spotify link [x]. Come back to me, Amy. Come back.

Next on the list is the lovely miss Joss Stone. She was 16 when she stepped on the scene. This woman, her voice and her barefoot performances speak to the little hippie deep within. Her last record was a collection of cover, and her take interpretation of The High Road is better than the original, IMO.

Then there's Sia. She was on my list of new artists to check out a few years ago. I never got around to it until one day I was watching an episode of Luther. Idris Elba's character (moment of silence for the fineness) was having a really serious breakdown - I'm talking throwing chairs and kicking in doors type break down. All I wanted to do was hug him through my tv screen and console him, and then I realized part of the reason I felt such a strong connection to the moment was because of the song that was playing in the background. It was that deep. One quick Google search later and I was all over Breathe Me.

Okay, that's enough rambling for now. I'll hush and let these ladies takeover.

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  1. Ahhhh I love all these singers, especially Joss Stone! "Spoiled" is still one of my fave songs of hers.

    1. Her voice never disappoints, EVER. On stage, on a track, even when she's humming she sounds good.

  2. Anonymous29 June, 2014

    Beautiful. I've always been fan of each of these incredibly talented women. I think that's why I love newer artist like Jennah Bell and Mara Hruby so much; because they have that element of singer/song writer that has seem to fad away with the times. You're right, Amy was definitely a case of 'gone-too-soon' and I get emotional anytime her name comes up. Although I have never seen the show, I love that SIA song. It's one of those songs that pulled me through really rough times when I was just entering high school.


    - ♥ Chymere A. // ShesSoEclectic.blogspot.com

    1. Never heard of Jennah Bell or Mara Hruby, so I'm off to do research!


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