Lesson learned.

May 1, 2014

feeling// Worn out. Sure, I managed to get a full night's sleep, but clearly it's not enough. I need a day to sit and do nothing. A day where I wake up, and the farthest I move is from my bed to my living room, with a few trips to the kitchen/bathroom mixed in. Saturday could've been that day for me, but as soon as I woke up my mind ran through all the things that needed to get done [clean out my closet and get rid of old clothes I never wear, scrub the bathtub and snake the drain, assemble my new bookshelf and toss out the old one, go to Ikea and find a new vanity set for my bedroom]. None of this happened. Instead I spent the morning running errands, the afternoon enjoying the sun outdoors [and wearing myself out even more] and the evening hanging out like a normal twenty-something.

eating// No dairy. I love it so very much, but it doesn't love me back. About a month ago I decided to live it up and downed a whole personal pepperoni pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. That next week I watched my face slowly breakout like I was 14 years old all over again. Lesson learned. My fridge is now stocked with almond milk.

drinking// Iced green tea with mint - unsweetened.

practicing// Getting up when my alarm goes off instead of hitting the snooze button. How do people not hit the snooze button, at all?

mastering// The art of writing a quality press release.

learning// The importance of flossing on a regular basis. It's really, really important.

playing// Passion's latest album, on repeat, all day.

finishing// A script I started over a year ago.

enjoying// Trader Joes' wine selection.

listening// To my stomach growl.

contemplating// All this hoopla surrounding childhood vaccinations lately.

lusting// Quaint apartments with wood floors and gas stoves.

wearing// Nothing special because as I mentioned earlier, I never got around to cleaning out my closet.

reading// American Gods, by Neil Gaiman and The Circle, by Dave Eggers

wondering// What to have for lunch

loving// The way the air feels and smells in the morning when I walk outside.

working// Smart. Work smart, not hard.

travelling// To Florida in July, but there might be another impromptu trip thrown in before then.

planning// My mother's birthday. Just a week away!

wanting// This iced tea in front of me to be a Butter Pecan Latte from Dunkin Donuts instead.


  1. Dairy doesn't love me back, either. I just tried the Silk Almond Milk for the first time last week and it was so good (I tried the chocolate...)

    1. That's how I first got hooked on it. The dark chocolate is so good, and I'm not even a chocolate lover. Eventually I started liking the vanilla, and now I LOVE the unsweetened varieties. So does my skin.

  2. I never used to hit the snooze button until I got to college, go figure. It's gotten worse and worse, and now I've seriously gone a whole 2 hours continuously pushing the snooze button. It's bad. I'm planning on spending summer trying to get back on track with a consistent sleep schedule.

    You know I've never considered dairy as the cause of breakouts. I might have to start paying more attention to that.

    Morning Neon

    1. Emailed you... removing dairy changed my life lol. But i can't give it up completely just yet.

  3. I love your blog & I'll follow you & come back later because my daughter is attacking the keyboard lol.
    Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog.
    just showing love back.


    1. You're welcome, Miya! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. In love with everything that's happening in that picture + the format of your post... I might need to borrow this idea for a weekly round-up post for my blog!


    1. Go for it. I always come back to this list when I feel like writing something but don't quite know what to write about.



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