Grindhouse Killer Burgers

05 March 2014

Scoutmob & Foursquare are my go-to apps for finding new places to eat around town. Foursquare suggested Grindhouse Killer Burgers this past weekend, so I said hey, what a wonderful kind of day... to try a new burger place.

I skipped the beer and went for the hard stuff: a coffee milkshake. [It's free with your first check-in on Foursquare]

The atmosphere is laid back, and the restaurant is surprisingly spacious despite the location. 

I already knew I wanted a turkey burger but got a little overwhelmed at the variety of toppings options. I kept is simple: lettuce, onions, pickles, cheddar cheese and a fried green tomato, with a side of sweet potato fries. I also tried their signature Diablo Sauce, and it was even spicier than I expected. 

This is a good thing. As was everything about the meal.

So yeah, I'll be back. Probably this weekend.


  1. Anonymous05 March

    Love Grindhouse hate that it's only two locations but I really like the one at the Sweet Auburn Market

    1. I'm seriously contemplating another visit this weekend, so maybe I'll try that location.

  2. oh these are soooo good! I go to the Sweet Auburn location too

    1. I have been missing out! Whyyy didn't anyone tell me about this spot!?

  3. Annnd then all thoughts of healthy eating go out the door after reading this post lol. Those sweet potato fries look ah-mazing!!!



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