Scoutmob & Foursquare are my go-to apps for finding new places to eat around town. Foursquare suggested Grindhouse Killer Burgers this past weekend, so I said hey, what a wonderful kind of day... to try a new burger place.

I skipped the beer and went for the hard stuff: a coffee milkshake. [It's free with your first check-in on Foursquare]

The atmosphere is laid back, and the restaurant is surprisingly spacious despite the location. 

I already knew I wanted a turkey burger but got a little overwhelmed at the variety of toppings options. I kept is simple: lettuce, onions, pickles, cheddar cheese and a fried green tomato, with a side of sweet potato fries. I also tried their signature Diablo Sauce, and it was even spicier than I expected. 

This is a good thing. As was everything about the meal.

So yeah, I'll be back. Probably this weekend.