Last week, a co-worker and I took a tour around Atlanta on behalf of our company. It was supposed to happen months ago, but thanks to ice storms and frigid weather I've been putting it off. Since spring is finally here - or so they say, it definitely dropped below freezing a couple nights ago - I decided it was time to set an afternoon aside for some sightseeing. Atlanta may not be the most glamorous town to tour, but it's still got plenty of personality, and I found myself discovering new places I didn't know existed and snapping pictures in the city like an out-of-towner.

The sun wasn't working with me that day, and I forgot to grab a memory card for my Nikon, so these photos are courtesy of an iPhone 5s and a few Lightroom edits.

Our guide, Steve, was fantastic. He took us all around downtown, Inman Park and Midtown. We rode past old buildings with beautiful classic architecture, some of which are now occupied by my Alma Mater [Go Panthers], gorgeous historic homes and plenty of food places I'll have to add to my foodie list. 

Also on the itinerary was a drive through Martin Luther King, Jr.'s old neighborhood. 

We made a quick stop to hear one of his sermons on broadcast through the speakers at Old Ebeneezer Baptist Church [pictured directly below - that's the one he and his father both pastored]. The original building still stands as a memorial to his life and movement, and they've built a new sanctuary [pictured directly above] right across the street for weekly worship services.

Next we stopped for a photo op of MLK, Jr.'s birth home.

Tours of the house operate daily, for free, but reservations are required.

Quaint little bed & breakfasts like the one below have way more character than hotel rooms, and usually cost about the same... something to think about for my next vacation.

All in all, the tour ended up being a great way to get re-acquainted with Atlanta. It's kinda like re-reading a book you've already read, or watching a movie you've already seen for the 15th time, and getting invested in the storyline all over again.

Cheers for good investments.