I did some catching up with my father's side of the family this weekend. Most of us managed to get together, on time, for my great aunt's surprise birthday party. The look on her face when she realized we were all there to celebrate her life made me all warm and fuzzy inside, but it also reminded me why I hate surprises. Everyone had their phone in her face, snapping pictures, taking video clips of the moment and reminding me that today's technology can be both a blessing and a curse. 
After asking multiple other aunts and cousins how old young she was turning, nobody knew her exact age for sure. She's also a leap year baby, born on February 28th, so technically her and I might be in the same age bracket. We're not counting, though. She looks great, she's can move around with the rest of us, and I'm sure if she really wanted to, she could've got on the floor and line danced with everyone else. Of course, I was too busy enjoying my food to worry about the Cupid Shuffle, but I'm proud that I managed to grab a few photos of the day and capture those warm and fuzzies.

It's also worth mentioning that Aunt & Uncle just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary. Fifty nine years! They both took a minute to say a few words, and something they both agreed on was that there have definitely been some ups and downs throughout the years, as expected; and there are probably more to come. They just ride those waves and ultimately cling to each other for support. 

Note. to. self.

Apparently the roller coaster is worth the ride if you've got someone willing to take that ride with you, and even now as I type this I overcome with genuine happiness for the strength of their marriage.

Sunday morning was a lazy one. I woke up around 9am and decided to watch a new episodes of House of Lies before the 12:30pm gathering at Passion City. This was a mistake for two reasons: one - I had forgotten how much mature content is present in basically every scene, which is probably not the best move before hearing a message... but the plot has me hooked like a fish on a line... A FISH ON A LINE, I tell ya'; two - I didn't want to stop watching once I started. Frank Underwood is the monster that hid under my bed as a child and I can't get enough. Just look at that sneaky little grin on his face below.


But not nearly as much as I love Jesus, so, church happens.

And as I'm uploading this photo I realize it may seem weird that I'm taking pictures during announcements, but for some weird reason people [myself included] do this all the time on Sundays. Did I mention that today's technology can be both a blessing and a curse?