You know how men are always saying that we women don't know what we want? No man has ever, ever been able to say that about me. When I want something, I make it clear and find a way to make it happen (within reason). I struggle with whether this is a good or bad personality trait, because it's times like this weekend when I had to get difficult with two different Sprint store managers that I wonder how far is too far.

Still. I walked out with the exact phone I wanted, and it didn't cost me a dime. I even had a credit on my bill by the end of the day.

The weekend turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous couple of days around Atlanta. If only I had taken advantage of it and did some outdoors-y type activities (Kennesaw Mountain is just waiting for me to conquer it again), but I was too busy demanding good customer service from my wireless provider, making rice krispie treats, paying bills, running errands and helping my team at church.

All in all, my this month is off to a good start. Except for this blog post, which is an arguably crappy excuse for an update. So... pictures. 

Thanks, Sprint Social Media Management Team.


  1. Oh yes .. This past weekend was definitely gorgeous as far as the weather. And I personally think it's a good quality that you go after what you want. But I'm may be a little biased since I'm the same way :)

  2. i am the same way - when i see something i want, i will not stop until i get it.
    it may take me days or months but i will get it.

  3. iphone 5S? Lucky girl! Enjoy it!

  4. iPhone 5s for no cost to you...That's wassup! I've been thinking about switching back to Apple but I don't know...I've fallen completely in love with my Galaxy so I might stick to those for a while. I feel you though, when I want something bad enough, I get it and I can be annoyingly persistent too, lol. Blessing or not, I'm glad it has worked in your favor. [Tech review, maybe?]

    Chymere Anais

  5. I just scanned your twitter all the way back to November just to see where Sprint social media tweeted you back. Shows you how much of a life I have, currently.

  6. I just scanned your twitter back to November to see where sprint social media tweeted you back. Shows you how much of a life I currently have.


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