I'll keep this short.

Thoughts shared last night between Meredith & I, while on our 2nd glass: why do men wait until the screw up to buy flowers for their lady? Flowers are nice. They're these beautiful living arrangements that don't take up much space and only demand as much attention as you're willing to give. Put them near the sun, change the water every few days and watch them turn into a gift that can light up your living space for a week or so. A man is quick to take us out to dinner (a gesture that wears off as soon as our hunger returns), buy us a drink or take us somewhere different for a date, but the thought that goes into buying flowers for your woman requires a different kind of thought process. A thought process that only seems to happen when they're trying to make up for something. Can I get flowers just because you walked past the floral section at the grocery store? But then, that would require a man taking a trip to the grocery store... on his own... and maybe that's asking too much. Keep them expectations low, ladies.

Except don't.