I'm famous for sneaking food into the movies, and once I tried to slip my iced coffee into a matinee, just to find a huge spill at the bottom of my purse. Over a year later, the inside of that handbag still smells like a caramel latte. It triggers a Starbucks craving every time I wear it. So I imagine that craving would be for cabernet if I had tried to smuggle an open glass of vino into the movie that day. Now I'll never have to worry about that. Aren't I classy?

I also

1. Burp. Very loudly.

2. Drink directly from the carton.

3. Have worn men's deodorant when it was my only available option. And I liked it.

4. Have this outrageous laugh...

5. Opted to see the new Die Hard over whatever romantic comedy came out this past Valentine's Day.