Yesterday, I had 3 different people make comments on how clean & tidy I keep my home. The term OCD was tossed around a few times, and as they backed up their conclusions with semi-solid evidence. I decided that maybe I could be just a teeny tiny bit anal when it comes to keeping my living space in order. Truthfully, I just dislike chaos. In a world that's so disheveled and erratic, my home is the one place where I can and should be completely in control of how things look/feel.

It's nice to have some order in your life, which is why I like outlines and lists. Some disarray is nice and often necessary, but for the most part, I need structure. In college, all my academic essays had to be outlined before I could start writing, and love numbered lists. That's why when I read Tania's update for the day, I had to follow suit. [BTW, the photography on her blog is well worth the click] [seriously, WELL WORTH IT]


eating // nothing for breakfast, because I'm still stuffed from the dinner I cooked for a couple friends last night [salad, salmon, mashed potatoes, green beans, whole kernel corn, with a fresh-baked multigrain loaf on the side, washed down with wine and rice krispie treats for dessert]. I also may have had one glass to many of vino, because I woke up with a thirst like none other.
drinking // water, because of the aforementioned thirst.
practising // Hot Yoga, again... starting next week.
mastering // Adobe Lightroom. My free trial will soon expire, and I'm trying to decide if I should cave and cough over $150 for the full version.
learning // More about my Nikon. It deserves more attention than I've been giving it lately.
playing // Words with Friends. Still. Also, still dominating ever opponent.
finishing // this blog post...
reading // The Message Bible [trying to cross that item off my list] & The Brief & Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Jurnot Diaz, for the 2nd time.
enjoying // spending time with the people closest to me.
listening // to chatter in the background
walking // to the restroom every 20 minutes because of all the water I'm drinking.
needing // to get the passenger side window regulator of Bleu Belle, fixed.
wearing // Jeans for comfort, boots for the rain & a lazy sweater because it gets cold in the office.
cooking // absolutely nothing, tonight. I've cooked quite a bit lately. It's high time I sit back and get cooked for.
wondering // how long I can hold my water right now, because I already have to pee again.
working // on my online portfolio - who should I use?!
travelling // to California again soon, since my best friend is leaving me for the West Best Coast today
planning // my budget for the holidays
wanting // to go home and get back in bed