I don't think I've ever written a proper post about Berry Patch Farms, but that's probably because I want to keep this place all to myself. It's tucked away in Woodstock, Georgia, and throughout the year you can pick berries, pumpkins, and whatever else is in season. The only time we go is for Christmas, because they always have such a well-curated selection of Christmas trees.

They also have hayrides, funnel cakes, hot cocoa and cider, and a playground for the kids, but we mainly focus on getting our tree, enjoying the sights, and sitting by the fire in the cabin onsite.

We've been going every year since 2016, and it's become such a fun tradition. This year when we went, J met another guy who had been going for the past 23 years, so clearly we're not the only ones who always come back.

Berry Patch Farms
786 Arnold Mill Rd, 
Woodstock, GA 30188