What a whirlwind December was.

As I type this, I'm sipping on a glass of sparkling wine trying to decompress from the frenzy of this day. Christian had to go to the ER for extreme shortness of breath and labored breathing, and my poor baby hardly got to enjoy the big day. After opening a couple gifts he was over it: sobbing, screaming, hitting the side of his head... the works.

Finally, after seeing how difficult it was getting for him to take deep breaths, I took him to the Emergency Room for a proper check. One breathing treatment and bronchiolitis diagnosis later, we were sent home to salvage the remainder of our Christmas.

He's thankfully feeling much better now, and I'm so grateful it wasn't COVID or something more dire. But whew! This mama needs a proper nightcap!

Anywho, I'm back, yet again, with another roundup of all the film pictures I took this past month. I ate lots of salads from Cava, went to a cute little Christmas parade in downtown Kennesaw with the fam, and spent the rest of the time mostly at home. 

Not sure how often I'll be posting these in 2022, but I definitely see myself keeping the momentum.