I have been wholly infatuated with the colors of autumn this year. I don't know if they're more vibrant in/around Atlanta than in recent years, or if I'm just finally stopping to properly notice and appreciate the changing leaves, but every time I'm out running afternoon errands, I just admire the scenery. It's all I wanted to take pictures of this past month, and I've been feeling exceptionally fortunate to live in a place with such vibrant scenery. 

Other than admiring the fall sights around metro-Atlanta, I didn't get up to much this past month. Gabriel had a cold, Christian had a cold, my mom had a cold, it's been a round-robin. Between working and taking care of everyone else, the little time (and energy) I've had left for myself was spent curled up under a blanket on the couch with a glass of wine. I did also manage to catch up with some friends, get a proper and much-needed haircut, take myself to lunch, and visit some cute little cafes around town.

Oh! I also made my way to KEH's new brick-and-mortar store location and walked away with a new camera. I've definitely been bitten by the analog bug this year! As a result, there is a lonnnng photodump ahead.

Burger and zucchini fries from Moxie Burger.